For a Better Life

avita's unchanging vision will be to continuously improve the quality of life by cherishing the health and safety of our loved ones and humanity at large.

Global Network

Rooted in Singapore,
Sights on the World

avita has a comprehensive global business plan. Apart from establishing a solid corporate base in Singapore, avita and our distributors have ventured into lucrative overseas markets.


Choose Healthy and Eco-Friendly

avita global enterprise is characterised by avita’s product research and development process is heavily influenced by environmental considerations. In line with the goal of natural healthcare, our products are made from natural ingredients and botanical essences. We work on the foundation of ancient wisdom and use modern technology as a tool to create a wide variety of quality products. avita’s comprehensive range of eco-friendly products is not only an effective solution for modern healthcare and quality living; it is also a source of wide-ranging business opportunities.


A Global Business without Border

avita global enterprise is characterised by freedom and opportunities. Avita has created and developed world-class quality products, a systematic education structure, a friendly and efficient administrative infrastructure, a well-designed compensation and promotion scheme and together with an advanced global network provides you with all the assistance you need to embark on your own venture, anytime, anywhere.

Strong Infrastructure

Geared Towards Success

The avita global enterprise is based in Singapore and its rapid expansion is made possible by its comprehensive and effective management system, strong administrative team, highly efficient back-end support and compelling product develompent and marketing strategies.


Appreciating Goodness, Doing Good for Others

avita believe that it is important to develop and promote a selfless culture, cherishing and loving our planet, our family and friends as well as doing good for others.

Training Structure

Geared Towards Success

avita’s core education system is comprehensive, systematic and people-centric. Besides enhancing professional product knowledge and marketing expertise, we also train our distributors to become subject matter experts in sales solicitation techniques, the art of communication, customer relationship management, financial and business management.