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ARÔME Diffuser by avita utilizes “Bernoulli's Law of Hydrodynamics” with the concept of oscillating gas atomization to effectively vaporize pure essential oils into millions of micro-particles. These particles are released into the atmosphere at a rapid speed, transforming them into highly-concentrated anions through friction with atmospheric particles. As such, they neutralize the harmful positive agents found in our environment, effectively purifying the air and killing germs. In the meantime, the aroma of avita’s pure essential oils fill the room with a light fragrance - you’ll instantly feel more relaxed and in better spirits

ARÔME Diffuser by avita preserves the original molecular structure of the pure essential oils, given that no heat or additional water are required in the atomization process. It is safely kept at its purest form so we can fully experience its effectiveness. This technology is commonly seen in medical equipment in order to facilitate respiratory-related treatment and is highly recommended by world-renowned aromatherapists and chest specialists, while it’s also endorsed by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) and ECOCERT.

Suitable for use with Pure and Herbal Essential Oil - Hinoki & Farnesol Magnolia

Pure Essential Oils

Botanical Essential Oil is made up of up to 250 different types of extremely fine and highly permeable molecules. This enable effective absorption by our body, thus enhance our body system, sooth our emotions and improve our overall quality of life.


Aids the digestive system, relieves respiratory illness, alleviates flu symptoms
Mint essential oil can relax the smooth muscles in the stomach and intestines and thus aids in various ailments related to the digestive system. At the same time, mint essential oil has regulatory and stabilising functions for the nervous system. It can release warming and stimulatory properties to relieve respiratory illness, in addition to its abilities to invigorate emotions, warm the physique and improve conditions of running nose, sneezing, fever and flu.

Volume: 50ml


Regulates physiological functions, evokes passion, romanticism and joy
Symbolising love since ancient times, the rose, which is also reputed to be the Queen of Flowers, awakens our perceptions, heightens our senses and easily invokes the energy of romance and love.

Rose essential oil also has very good effects in regulating hormonal balance, rebuilding confidence and bringing solace to a broken heart.

Volume: 50ml


Enhances metabolism, aids digestive functions, facilitates smooth breathing, helps prevent sickness
According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, besides offering the main functions of eliminating bad temper and promoting good appetite, basilic is also an excellent remedy in treating external and internal injuries, injuries from sports and ailments relating to the physique. Womenmay find basilic useful as it mimics natural estrogens.

Modern medical science has also proved that basilic is endowed with multiple functions such as calming nerves, alleviating migrane, treating cough, removing phlegm, enhancing disgestion, strengthening stomach functions, eliminating germs, purging perspiration and aiding urination.

Volume: 50ml

Green Tea

Regulates physiological functions, enhances immunity, maintains health, reduces fatigue, invigorates the senses
Green tea is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and its healthcare benefits have also been widely acknowledged. Catechin, carotene and vitamins C and E are among some of its many nutritious ingredients that bring innumerable benefits to our health.

Extracted from tea tree essences that are beneficial to the human body, tea tree essential oil canbe scented and absorbed through the respiratory tract into the body where its various medical and healthcare benefits can be unleashed.

Volume: 50ml

Green Bamboo

Regulates the body, enhances stamina, helps in growth
From the joints of bamboo stems, a beneficial essence known as bamboo sil is extracted. It contains abundant amounts of silice, which is a rich store of calcium. When green bamboo essential oil is absorbed by the body through aromatherapy, calcium would be replenished and bones would be strengthened.

Green bamboo essential oil can be expected to alleviate old age problems such as backache and rheumatism, as well as enhance calcium absorption in children and teenagers, hence boosting their growth.

Volume: 50ml