No injector pulse or spark

We were able to get a injector pulse and spark one time but have never been able to do it again. It ran great, then nothing. My 1992 940 gl(non turbo) died and would not stsrt. We've tried setting the ecu to stock settings and back to 93 octane stage 2 ap and checked all the wiring. If you do have all of these, then we would look to other areas. au Welcome to the Australian Ford Forums forum. . I have spark, but now we have finally discovered I am not getting any fuel into the cylinders. Check ignition coil and have no spark. I was hoping I don't have to replace the distributor as it is a real pain to get to and I have no idea how to adjust it once replaced. Prior to the swap (from an old rb) to a refreshed engine it started first time (to my amazement). During cranking, we are getting spark at the spark plugs, but NO fuel injector pulses. If you have no pulse you need to troubleshoot for spark first . If the pick-up coil is the problem, you might be better off replacing the distributor. I check the following items, crank sensor, cam sensor and wiring, I also check all the power input and grounds going to the ECU fuses all check OK. ok here goes, i have an 07 cruiser 2. I can't ever get spark or injector pulse. Have no idea where to look :/ Any ideas on why one would not have an injector pulse? i have swapped the 4. so last friday i think it was i picked up this car on a trade its a 87 944 n/a auto:( dme relay is fine as i have fuel pressure, i get the tech wiggle. Answer. Jim Grant's Tech Tips ‘97 Chevy Astro, No Injector Pulse. I have 12V at each injector. "no" means it will not work with either, i. no injector pulse. car came in on the hook no start. stuck in side in pin slot and other in slot right net to it as they would lug into injector. After switch off and let it few minute, it only Crank but No start. I need input from other members has anyone else experienced this? If so what is the problem?Broken wire harness? Help! The other thing to look at is how big of a pulse are you commanding. No ECU relay on this car What links together that could cause a car to get no fuel and no spark but will crank just fine? I drove my car to the store just fine. so i ordered a jdm obd2 h22 installed it and now it just cranks, hooked up a noid light to the injector harness and im getting no pulse. Often if there is no crank signal there will be no injection pulse, probably no spark, and sometimes no fuel pump operation during crank. 1997 - 2003 F150 - No spark, no injector pulse! What's up? - Hi Everyone, I've got a 2001 4. The 4-wire plug on the left (also 92 engine harness) has no match on my 91 distributor, but the big black/yellow trace wire was 12 volt and placing it in the two-wire plug gave me spark, but no injector pulse. i purchased the car and had heads rebuilt installed with new gaskets and all surfaces machined. i replced ecm with remanufacter unit same thing. We have a 2002 Sentra with the 1. I'm ready to tow it to a bmw shop, but it just seems like it should be something very simple. Won't start on starting fluid either. There is pressure in the rail with the engine stopped but it's only residual pressure from the previous time the pump ran, and it drops fairly quickly if there's a leak or dripping injector. Pour fuel in spark plug hole and will start but will not run but for a few seconds or till gas is burned. Now it cranks, but won't start. 3, motor has a miss so I checked and cleaned all injectors, changed the coil packs and now still have a miss in the number 2 cylinder. I installed the verus on it and no codes are available. 1 Ltr. The setup is 6g72 with waste spark. It has no spark and the injectors are not firing, but it does have fuel pressure and it turns over. It has spark. Used a noid light to test each injector clip, no dice. Fuel pump is fine. I used the following for my three wire hookup to the engine harness from the AAW accessories connector: dark blue fuel to gray fuel power feed on harness no start condition, have spark, no injector pulse/no gas. Fuel pump ok-it primes and has pressure. There's no pull ups on the injector outputs inside the ECU. im running out of ideas, if anyone has any suggestions 11 hours ago, steve56 said: So your saying it okay to leave those black lines on the deck face. dbw8590 - are you getting any spark ??? is your distributor rotor rotating? is there 12v at the injectors when the key is on run? either not getting signal from pick up in the distributor - but some have had bad MAPs cause them to lose injector pulse for some reason. Car fires briefly when starting fluid is sprayed in the intake. 0l it was ment to be running turns out when she got there the battery was flat, the keys in the ignition the guy tried to jump start it when he put on the jumper cables the doors locked with the keys in the ignition, after thay smashed the window to get in the car wouldnt start, i had a look over it and there is no spark and no injector pulse the fuel pump is working No Spark Or Injector pulse was created by JakeJones005 I have a '93 ford f150 with a 5. Its driving me crazy Ive been working on this issue for 2 days and the car for 3 yrs now. no short circuit in the system. I used an led test light. -----Will not flash codes. Here's my problem and I've done a ton of CAM SENSOR has being replace but yet still injector wont spit fuel, when car left without cranking for 20 minutes and you try to crank, injector spit out once and wont spit again, till have to wait, according to client, ECM has being replace, but yet still car wont start, all earth point was checked and proof valid. i am running out of patience with this car, i have spark, i have fuel at the rail, cranks and cranks but still won't start. 98 ram no spark no injector pulse, warning lights no gauges and odometer flashes (1998 Dodge Ram 1500) truck drove fine shut of and won't restart . I fixed this chevy venture 02 3. 5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010) > ('01-'02) No Injector Pulse, But Gets Spark vn v8 injector pulse and spark ? ? went to fire the engine today no injection pulse or spark . Please help! Every possible part I could test passed just wondering if it is an ECM problem? I appear to be getting no spark or fuel. Hello. This is in my 69 Camaro with AAW Classic Update harness. Module is in good Replaced plugs, fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. vehicle has new distributor, fuel pump,fuel filter, plugs, wires, main relay, fuel pump relay, obd1 chipped ecu and original. No sensor means no spark or injector pulse, therefore no engine. We have narrowed it down to the fact that there is no injector pulse but cant seem to figure out the biggest question- WHY?!!? Re: no spark no injector pulse Don, i checked with a noid light and there is fuel pressure. Plenty of spark under crank position. just want to know how this is supposed to work. When I turn my key on I don't get fuel injector pulse or spark when I cranked the car 1993 Mazda B2600i No spark or injector pulse was created by B-T-S We bought about a year ago, it was running but didn't have much power and would sputter if you would push on the gas pedal to hard. on my solus scanner as i crank it it  Jul 10, 2010 Engine won't start (new rebuild), it has spark (new opti and coil) but I do not flash - ran the same test between injector ground and battery +, no. 6 into my car, got everything buttoned up and the car will not start. We got spark, fuel pressure was good, but the scan tool was showing no injector pulse during cranking. (if your engine uses one) Crank angle sensors tell the ECU where the crankshaft is in relation to everything, so it controls the spark and injector pulse. Basically i have no spark, no injector pulse, no start. there is power to the distributor and power to the coil plug the scanner in no faults and reads sensors Nissan and Infiniti cranks no start no spark no injector pulse. I have taken the box out of the car hooked up the stim and my laptop, I have no rpms at all on the laptop. 6 model 2002 ,car not start it have spark coil and if spray on intake start cut off after fuel finish but no injector pulse it have 12v supply on injector no signal from ecu ,we test ecu on other on car starting fine and test crank sensor ,cam sensor all ok . 6 liter that has intermittent start issues. 8L engine and I recently just figured out a no fuel pressure issue after days of tracing wires and looking a schematics and now that I have fuel pressure Im not getting fuel into the cylinders when I try to start it. Just clean off the gasket material with razor blade and reinstall the head. Fixed that and still nothing. im having to same trouble no injector pulse i cant get a code reading on my eec iv, the fuel pump runs continually with the key turned to on position. Spark, no fuel pulse. refference and speed sensors test ok at the end of the plugs. - checked for spark (none) - tested for injector pulse. 1 ltr, No Spark, No Injector Pulse 4 Answers. please I need help. It is a Holley Dominator with a GM LSx motor. It cranks over, and has a spark. 5L to start. I have fuel pressure, but no spark or pulse . What else would affect the injector pulse? Anything around the fuel line that I may of jarred loose or something? Starts up and dies immediately with starting fluid. Grounds for all sensors. shops before. I have spark and 12v to the injectors but I'm not getting a pulse. I'll edit this thread as solved. We've got spark and with a little ether the car ran for a few seconds normally, so i can rule out any sort of timing issue as a possible cause for the no start. fook, when you say no pulse, do you mean no voltage or are they not spraying fuel at all? can you check to see if there is power to the injectors at the ECU end? its been a while since i looked at a toyota wiring diagram but is there like a safety override in the event of no oil pressure or something else ect to stop the car from starting? Checked for spark no spark. He is now speculating that the opti is bad and suggests that we might want to replace it. seems to need both to have spark. I read that this car did not have the security relearn but I tried anyway with no luck. I'm getting spark, it turns over at about  good day everyone. After cranking for a while I will get a crank sensor code. It decided to die in a parking lot after being shut off. Hey, members . who is responsible for pulse and where can that be. don't want to pay unless advice helps to FIX the car. 1998 Gmc C1500 No Spark. BUT, if you shoot brake kleen into the throttle body, it will start, then the injector will start pulsing. December 29, 2010. head temp sensor, voltage supply, grounds, and everything is in spec. My 91 940T has injector pulse, no spark. I have no spark or fuel pulsing when cranking. Whenever I think an injector is stuck I ground out the negative side of the injector WHILE the harness is plugged in…this will hold that injector OPEN…and dislodge any particle that might be holding it open…works a lot of the time actually. 57 with ms extra 2. I have no injector pulse. Visitor in New Albany, IN on . When you first turn the vehicle on the spark plugs sends a single spark, So it must be connected properly. 12v to injectors at run and crank position. The coil is not getting the signal to fire. All wiring seems good to go. Cranks Won't start, No spark, No Injector pulse, No fuel pressure Aug 19, 2018 hey everyone so im trying to get my built block fired up for months now but I cant figure out why Im not getting injector pulse or spark signal. Disconnect crank sensor, no spark. Now I'm left withno injector pulse. i used a timing light to check for spark at the spark plugs wires its getting spark turns over good. 2000 Ford Focus 2. I also have spark, but my plugs are black and soaked with fuel. I have a "No start" condition on my daughters 95 Grand Am, . No start troubleshooting (fuel pressure, injector pulse, spark) - GM OBDI Print In this video I will show you how to test for spark on a GM type two waste spark system. injector pulse comes from ecm. Sometime it can be start after few crank with no issue on the car. hey i bought a vs v6 with a blown motor to turn into a dirt circuit car, i stripped all interior bar dash and gauges, removed all lights, swapped motor over and it now wont fire, got spark, got fuel pressure but has no injector pulse but the injectors do pulse when earthed with a test light, would this be the crank angle sensor or is it more likely to be the factory immobiliser, all central XH Ute no spark no injector pulse - Ford Modifications Website. However, with the other key the vehicle was still a crank no start. bay day in Wells i have a 2001 prelude base model. I have a 1992 Mazda 323 SE. Checked all the basics, but it has no spark, and no pulses at the injectors. So I know it's got spark and good pressure on the rail. This test will tell you if the computer is pulsing the fuel injectors open when cranking the engine over. 0l ztec engine. power to the dme, injector pulse tested with noid light, ive got it to start 2 times now on a fluke i geuss, today i swapped out the coil even though it My V6 was running smoothly yesterday, then 20 minutes later would not start. Even swapped out with known good ECU and motronic relay but NADA. 0. 3 EFI no spark no injector pulse May 20th, 2019, 11:57 PM. I guess no one reads. Went shopping, came back to my car and it wont start. We just did the JDM engine swap and all is hooked up but I'm getting no injector pulse. The module does send a signal to the ECM for injector pulse but i have seen the modules be bad and have no spark but still have injector pulse. done a bit of research and narrowed it down to the immobiliser, could it be the immobiliser has armed or something more simple that I've missed? its a 1. See if you need a new injector…or have a spark issue and you will be on the road again in no time. No injector ticking and no spark, most likely the CAS (crank angle sensor) is dead. Got spark and 40 psi of fuel pressure at engine but no injector pulse. i do happen to work at a good jeep dealer and there are some good shops and some bad ones its the people inside. Traced it to no spark and no injector pulse when the trouble occurs. I'm running ms2 3. No pick-up coil input, no spark or injector pulse. This is a very nice 2 owner 1988 944, never had electrical gremlins or incompetent mechanics. Checked for power to the coils and don't have anything on the middle terminal. 6. While testing and diagnosing, we have an incandescent bulb (tail light socket and pigtail) connected to the injector pigtail. 6 5spd 4wd. When I crank I get no spark or injector pulse. I also have no injector pulse, no power, not clicking. Actually. But injectors pulse works off of ground from ecmyou have to have the grounds at thermostat and intake or will not pulse injectors. I have fuel pressure at the rail, fp works, I have spark. I have tested every wire and went through the vortex Buick no start tree. The injectors are firing even when the car won't start. It might be . Any fluttering of the tach during crank or is it dead stuck on zero? Since the tach works off of the crank sensor this would indicate if the crank sensor is working on many vehicles and I think Honda, too. I was driving over  Every three taps/sparks should get you an injector pulse. Will the est unit on the valve cover create a no fuel or just used for spark advance. Have any of you guys ever seen this scenario with no spark or injector pulse? '97 Dodge Ram Van 3500 - no spark. I purchased this car a few weeks ago, in non running condition. Remove the ECM from its holding brackets. NO INJECTOR PULSE. I have a 03 Wrx that has no spark and no injector pulse. installed my new motor today and have no pulse. Checked pick up coil resistance, checked out fine. All times are GMT. and if there is a test procedure for it before i throw money at it. If you're commanding . The negative side of this coil is that it doesn't have a injector pulse. i get no pulse at the injectors. 88 S10 Injector won't pulse. 6 twin screw. Other times it starts right up. btw its a 96 quattro AAH engine, help is greatly appreciated if this part of the module is not working correctly, you will have no spark or injector pulse. What tells the ecu to fire the injector, I think I have a broke wire in the harness from what ever tells the injector to fire to the ecu. Should be 12v. My client says it shut down running and this car is been in 3 mech. Discussion in ' and everything works i got spark it runs off starting fluid but i am not getting injector pulse my injectors will not fire i it has spark swapped the fuel pump as I had a suspicion the pump died got pressure to the fuel rail I tested for injector pulse and nothing. Went to do a break in and it has no spark and the On crank, got rpm signal & cam signal, got spark and ECU is commanding injector pulse width, but noting at injector! Put noid light on wiring and nothing! System Setup is: 1 Pulse/Fire, Digital Falling Has 3 cut outs on balancer Cam is single pulse, Digital Falling Running 6 LS1 coils on this setting Any help will be appreciated. I believe that is the dist module. Ive got problems with an 89 ranger that has the 2. You can access a code by jumping 2 terminals together. i dont see any jeeps stuck on your sight. - Just found this cannot be done on this site. ENGINE SPEED SIGNAL. please if theres anyone in the south jersey area that is good with wiring, come help me and we'll cook you a nice meal and get your beer of choice, i really need this car back. 3L 4 cylinder with DES. - Answered by a verified Nissan Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. It will crank over fine but not start. Any suggestions for further testing? Thanks CRAIG i am running out of patience with this car, i have spark, i have fuel at the rail, cranks and cranks but still won't start. He did not mention any codes, I will have to talk to him more on Monday. My car wont start, it cranks perfectly, but it has no spark, and no injector pulse. Tested both with Bosch wafer plugged into injector connector and using AutoForce tester. 8L engine. ANd i take the injector out and test it, It spark fuel. had spark, had fuel, no injector pulse power on both sides. the tune is good, and i have spark and fuel pressure i'm just not getting any fuel. i find out, the fuel injector didnt spark any fuel at all. My ECU and other components were fine before we did the swap is there any way the ECU or CAS could have gone bad sitting up? In a no-start situation, the first steps should be to check for spark, injector pulse and fuel pump operation (as noted above). Did you check the spark on this engine? If there is no spark as well, the pick-up coil in the distributor is the most likely problem. i have an 87 s10, it doesnt get any injector pulse when cranking, theres power to the injector, but no pulse while cranking. Jan 2, 2017 I put a test light and no pulse from either injectors. 5 volts when cranking. Engine Trouble Codes; Crankshaft Angle Sensor; Check for Injector Pulse No flashes from the injector circuit when cranking the engine would tell you the PCM   May 17, 2018 replaced) checked all grounds, checked fuses, relays, fuel pressure, spark finally no injector pulse didn't have voltage to injectors with koeo. I am having a problem getting my 1997 Wrangler SE 2. btw its a 96 vr gti ant help is greatly appreciated 95 GA, 3. original motor sucked up water and kaboom. A simple test verified it had fuel pressure but no injector pulse. Auto trans. Also, no power to the fuel pump. Im thinking it is my crank  All engines require three things to start and run: spark, fuel and compression. The same voltage is shown at D15 and D16 on the ECM and each reduces to about 9. Will not run with or with out MAS plugged in or not. 93 chevy no fuel injector pulse but if the module was bad he should have no spark. Seems to run OK if it starts. If I have no spark, but I have injector pulse, its usually a module. corrosion would carry enough milliamps to activate voltmeter, but not circuit to run fuel pulse. I have spark,fuel,fuel pressure,compression,and the timing belt is good. So I assume you used a noid light to determine the no injector pulse Merc 4. I use some diy method to test it. I went through the wire job on the new module and found out he had the crank signal and ground wires backwards. Trying to fire up an engine, have no spark or fuel. In all Home-> Forums-> Electrical-> No spark or injector pulse. It seems that lack of spark inhibits the injector pulses and the fuel pump. i have replaced coilpack, crank sensor, and a few more things. 1991 this make you OBD1 . Merc 4. 5L the Engine crank over OK, but there is no injector pulse and no spark. No injector pulse! Im thinking the pcm is bad but want a second opinion, the pcm has been fried before due to the battery being jumped wrong. Have not checked for an injector pulse. Here is the back story. Any suggestions? Thanks! CAM SENSOR has being replace but yet still injector wont spit fuel, when car left without cranking for 20 minutes and you try to crank, injector spit out once and wont spit again, till have to wait, according to client, ECM has being replace, but yet still car wont start, all earth point was checked and proof valid. The pcm was rebuilt abd reflashed about 3 years ago, the truck has spark, 63 psi at the rail but it drops to 40 after 5 minutes, the injectors are rebuilt and the old ones were still good. Like this comment? Sign in or register to I have an 06 Nissan Titan 5. Start tree points to ECM Now it cranks but no injector pulse no spark and only fuel delivery on prime up. There is battery voltage at both terminals at each of the red and blue wires on each injector to earth and the noid light shows nothing when cranking. Getting 12v to injectors, but no pulse - removed and inspected dme, no visible signs of water/dampness, no obvious burnt electricals. It has fuel to the injectors, but no injector pulse. I get no Fuel, no Spark ? (No Engine Code, Nothing stored in memory) I changed the Fuel pump, fuel pump relay and ECU. 7ms during the rest of the cranking So engine has spark, injector pulse is there but something is still not right. Logs are you friends. I also checked and there was spark. i have replaced coilpack, engine speed sensor, cam sensor, ECU and a few more things. i own an auto repair shop, but don't have any info on this system. Compare your current cranking injector pulse time to a known good value from before. via ignition module. When cranking the tach read 1 rpm and i have no spark or injector pulse width. Crank, spark, fuel pressure - But no Injector Pulse? Hi guys, Recently had my 90adm with 92 GenII 3SGTE at a shop getting clutch, timing belt, waterpump, turbo - so the engine came out. Hello to all I need help! I have 2005 nissan maxima SE 3. I also have 40+ PSI at fuel rail. I replaced the crank sensor,cam sensor, and ignition control switch on the steering column by the steering wheel. The maximum injector pulse width possible with your MegaSquirt-II™ (or MicroSquirt®) controller is 65 milliseconds. I drove the car and tuned it some, it was running good for a car that has sat close to five years. 8 full size ford bronco 302 v-8 no start condition,good spark and fuel pressure. I went over it a couple more times today when trouble shooting. Shop for OEM Noid light set injector pulse tester 27161 with confidence at AutoZone. The first time I ran into one of these, I mistakenly replaced the engine computer in an attempt to fix the no injector pulse condition. Now it has no injector pulse, the coil is good, and the stim board is showing nothing on the little led light on the stim board. the injector harness ground is grounded and engine to firewall is grounded and battery neg. No spark or injector pulse (1997 Ford F-150) no fire or pulse . It is strange that one shorted fuel injector can cause all the other injectors to not fire, but this is exactly what can happen with a group fired system. I have spark, I have fuel pressure, I have compression, I have power to the injectors. Built rb26 AEM EMS. If I got no spark, then I'll check also for inj pulse using a noid light. pickup coil. No pulse while in crank Like I said, the truck will start and run if we use a remote starter switch and injectors pulse. Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, GTI: 1993-1999, Cabrio 1995-2002 (A3) 98 Jetta. I have seen this about 30 or 40 times. If the engine is getting spark, that is triggered by the Hall Effect sensor so you should get fuel pulses as well. Compression 120PSI and spark on all cylinders. So far I know my ecm is good. Test light just stayed lit with no pulse while cranking. It will also start and run with the key if we use starter fluid or gasoline through the throttle body. no spark or injector pulse. Car would seem as if it was hydro locking when it did try to start so I pulled the fuel pump power and the "hydro lock" would go away. As for the idle control valve, if the valve were completely closed, the engine may not start. The engine would fire up and run off carb cleaner—that tells us the engine had spark, compression, and air flow. So, needless to say, the car wont start. 5 no injector pulse. Chevrolet k1500 getting spark to all plugs, gas to TBI, continuity from ECM to injectors, but no pulse to injectors. Q: We have a ‘97 Chevy Astro van in the shop that wouldn’t start. CHecked timing-ok, timing belt ok. Main Power and Ground go straight to the battery. Checked injectors 3-4 ohms at each. i change the new spark plugs because the spark number 2 dirty with enough carbon, as the exhaust of an auto diesel engine, we test pulse of injector and no pulse in the injector connector number 2 I do not know what other test we can do apologies for my english I just try to communicate with the forum to solve the problem of my car Thanks A lot. master tech at cherry hill nissan pointed me in the direction of a new ecu. i checked for fuel an its getting fuel to the injectors. This car won't start. I also have fire to plugs as indicated by the use of timing light. Had my 1998 xj at a body shop for paint, they had left all the doors open for a few days, would not start so they jumped it, now no spark, no fuel going to rail and no injector pulse, just cranks away but will not start, Already paid for a new CPS (MOPAR), Fuel pump was changed a few months ago, tried #11 fuse , BCM, still no turn over. When we turn the key the following happens: the SES light flickers and the fuel pump relay clicks for a few seconds, then both stop. I am getting spark, fuel pressure, and 12v on the injector but no injector pulse. My question is; is the ECM the one and only culprit if everything else is working? I'd hate to buy an ECM and find out that an inline fuse or something simple was at fault. i have power to injectors with the key on, spark, and good fuel pressure. However  I thought I had!!! I learned so much and thought I had it all figured out. There are two so I believe they both supply a pulse to the ECU which then figures out timing and then pulses the injectors appropriately. Typically: No start - no spark, has inj pulse ; Module No start - has spark no inj pulse -; ECM / cam sensor prob My 92 wouldn't start /run last year. 5L No Start No Spark No Injector Pulse Posted to Asian Electrical on 11/11/2014 5 Replies hello gents-- long time reader and one of my 1st real questions that i pose to you the readers. 2 No spark, injector pulse won't run. All fuses fine, Jeep Chassis and TBI harness fuses/Relays. Great thanks. There also was a problem with the lack of spark. In hindsight, this is logical - prevents the engine from flooding when spark is lost. But based on no spark alone, couldn't I conclude it's something in the electrical system? How to check fuel injector pulse using a noid light This is a awesome test because it can be done very fast using a very inexpensive tool called a Noid light . any:confused There is no fuel pressure sensor that I recall on an 1150. 9L six inline automatic truck. 1995 Dodge Dakota 5. So I pulled the Please help! Difficult problem, could be something simple? I have a Nissan Sentra 99 that will not start, was running great before, checked fuel pressure, its great, theres spark in spark plug, all fuses and relays are ok, but no pulse to injectors, nothing at all. It cranks fine, but there is no injector pulse and no spark. The car has injector pulse but doesnt have any spark. It always cranks but not start when cold. There is no spark and no injector pulse. no codes set. 9L No spark no injector pulse - Hello everyone, I have 96 F150 4. It turns over fine, has good compression, it is firing the spark plugs, the engine will run as you. 4 No star ,No injector pulse,good spark How to test fuel pressure, injector pulseand spark with basic tools . 64Chevy User Aug 19, 2009, 9:56 PM I have a 2001 Volvo S60 not turbo that is only running on 3 cylinders. The Subaru Forester Owners Forum > Technical Forums and Vehicle Assistance > Engine and Exhaust > EJ25 - 2. If I hook up my snapon analyzer I can manually pulse the injectors so I know that all works correctly. 2006 Nissan Maxima SL 3. The injector pulse is from the PCM . I checked the usual first. Speaking of Subaru, I emailed them asking if a faulty transponder would result in a condition of Spark but no Injector Pulse and got a reply stating that nobody from Subaru Australia could answer that question and that I should take the vehicle to a Subaru service centre. wmv With this video I want say thanks to you PAUL DANNER I fixed this chevy venture 02 3. i hope this is in the right area, i need some advice. cant go through my senior year without a car What would cause spark to spark plugs but no fuel injector pulse? Fuel injectors are usually powered directly by a fuse and then grounded by the engine computer. I already bought a coil as a first test. 5 ms on the first crank then dropped to ~4. Replaced the crank sensor and the engine control relay with an OEX unit from Ashdown's. I have a 2000 kia sephia and I went to start it and it cranked but didnt start. The distributor problem and associated lack of spark did not show in the codes when I ran them. I have a 1990 Eagle Talon Tsi having issues with injectors. If I bypass the fuel pump relay I get constant fuel flow but no spark or pulse. I have checked the speed sensor, reference sensor, cyl. There is also no communication with the ECM. Replacing the module has been the fix probably 90% of the time. Afternoon all, I am not getting any injector pulse following an engine swap on my RB25DET powered BMW E36. The mechanic go no codes and couldnt even get the machine to recognize the car. 99 FORD F150 4. My friend and I took the injectors on my 98 wrx swap out to test and clean them, re-instralled them and now it won't start. , not at all. Check for injector pulse and no pulse. NO START,NO INJECTOR PULSE Thanks Paul Danner. Solution, mouse had chewed insulation off of one of the battery leads in the firewall fuse box (one of two to the computer). they said no fuel injector pulse. Alright, I'm new to this forum but not a rookie to vehicles. SPRAY STARTING FLUID IN FILTER HOUSING STARTS AND RUNS FINE FOR A FEW - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic No flashes from the injector circuit when cranking the engine would tell you the PCM is not pulsing the injectors. The check engine light has been on since i got it but now it is out. Disconnect cam sensor, no spark. Does not set a code for MAS when unplugged. Hi folks, was hoping to fire up my ls3. red light on dash it go off normal. There IS lots of feul pressure though. crank. is directly to block. NO START. The ground and 5V ref are both good to the crank sensor. This whole time I have been chasing a no injector pulse for nothing. As the title of this thread says. Well with a new DME Relay there was still no injector pulse. It has no spark or injector pulse. Have spark May 4, 2013 1987 - 1996 F150 - 96 F150 4. Please help ,Thanks,Jay 1994 850 no start: fuel, spark, but no injector pulse Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. 5ms of fuel during cranking, that's not enough pulse width to even open the injector effectively giving you no fuel. The owner switched the ignition module over to tbe 86-87 module. should do same as a noid i think may be wrong. already changed pcm with my friends daily driver pcm, changed complete injector harness. I know there is fuel getting to the fuel rail and to the injectors and there is an electrical signal at the injectors reading 12v but is there a certain pressure that must be reached before an injector will fire? 98 outback 2. Sorry I dont know your specific engine to know! It might be worth buying an INPA cable if you dont have one, rather than spend cash with the dealer that would certainly give you plenty info as to whats going on. 6 F150, starter spins just fine, but it won't start. If the injectors appear to be working, but the engine will not start, the engine may be flooded. I hit a large bump while driving and it died instantly. geo tracker no injector pulse I have a 1990 geo tracker with the 1. Any suggestions This is actual a 24v 2. 3 EFI no spark no injector pulse although there is pressure going to the injectors Have spark but no injector pulse. i have 12v at the coil. I have limited data on Mercedes as I am using Mitchell Which has been of very little help. no injector pulse-multi fi. Same issues. l check on scanner no fault code , check all wire on ecu 1. 4 No star ,No injector pulse,good spark using your pull Either way, if there is no spark as well as no injector pulse, then the problem is related to an engine speed sensor (crank or pick-up) that is not providing the ECM with an engine speed input. 4 non turbo, i have no spark or injector pulse. On newer gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems, however, a NOID light is no help. Download 1984 BMW 318I No Start, With Good Spark, But No Injector Pulse Tests/Procedures: Potential Causes: 1. No injector pulse Help AU Falcon. depends I guess how quickly you need it fixed. The fuel pump doesn't start until you crank the engine, so the squirts you saw were correct. maintenance & nonperformance. Once ecm senses 400 rpm,s from engine it takes over. The fuel injector harness has power but no ground (signal) when cranking. This tells the ECM how fast the engine is turning. However when I crank the engine I have no pulse at the injector when checked with NOID light. if you have spark, you might try disconnecting MAP and see if the pulse comes So Im working on a 95 Volvo 960 3ltr. The time is now 20:09 Sooo, We put the 86LX/B6T back together and now are getting no injector pulse at the injector clips. Get yours online today and pick up in store. In relation to your no injector pulse problem, check the wiring harness from the distributor to the ECM. Im getting spark,fuel,and injector pulse but no fuel is getting to the combustion chamber. Also, I did test by myself. is that right to show power on the - side even with the conector disconected from injector? I put the scaner and say something about the speed engine sensor i put the sensor the code don`t come back but don`t have spark and either pulse ,and then i put the ignition module,but is the same no spark ,no pulse i am tired and i don`t got more ideas somebody please can helpme ,please i check the tming belt is ok. It just shut off when backing up and now won't restart. i took my car to the shop, they test it for me. but still just cranks, no spark, no injector pulse. I checked ground by ecm and starter solenoid and there ok and clean. corrosion. They don't cost much and since they are known to go bad frequently on GM vehicles i like to keep a spare in my glove box anyways. will run with gas splashed into intake until gas used up. Checked them with noid lights and there is no electrical pulse. Hello There, You are correct in that if the crankshaft position sensor or the pickup coil were bad there would likely not be any spark to the plugs. The crank sensor has been checked and I also tried swapping the ecu with one from a 91 ranger with no luck. Finally decided to do it the "right way" and go down the no start tree from A to Z. i know the older gm's like this the module controlled spark and fuel. I pulled a spark plug and confirmed there's no spark. can pour fuel in trottlebody and will run til fuel is gone. No injector pulse. So no power means just that. Parts are just part of what we do. So that shouldn't be the problem. So I went in and tested the pins directly at the ecu by probing The injector output pins 51,52,60, and 61. Doing this i was able to see injector pulse also injector pulse width jumped to around 10. Put in a new ICM and still no spark. I have replaced the crank sensor, ohm tested all the wiring, timing is good, tried a new ecu, still no start. via YouTube Capture. I have checked for spark with a spark tester, NO SPARK. Have good scanner, help 10 Answers. Checked codes and got crank cam and O2 sensor. 5. Used a pulse tester and found not getting an injector pulse Hunting down a no start issue with an '88 3. Wits end, 944 NA no spark. com. He calls me up and tells me that the car won't start, no spark or injector pulse. Tried to start it up this afternoon but not joy. i get no pulse at the injectors, only two pulses at first but then nothing else. it has power to injectors but no ground pulse. I do not have injector pulse. problem now, tried to start nothing cranks ok, no start , good fuel pressure , good spark . Don't see it a lot but I've had a few bad modules with spark & no injector pulse. Im having the same exact issue right now. still need help. If I have neither its usually due to a dead crank sensor. Leads have spark I have power at injectors when ignition is on I am assuming it has one usually at either end of the fuel rail like the regulator. 1. Cranking shows RPM, and Diagnostic #1 is incrementing the 3rd digit from the left as I crank 1000000, 1010000, 1020000, 1030000 etc. Today on the way home from work I picked up a noid light and guess what. "OK" means the combination will work with either simultaneous or alternating. Everything was checking out until I got to the ground side of the injector pulse (no injector pulse). wtf causes this? Now this beast has been out for about 2 months and it returned with no injector pulse. 2006 Nissan Murano awd. 2. It did not seem to want to fire if I used starting fluid eithe - ran a test light between the two terminals on multiple injectors and cranked the engine for 10-15 seconds and the light did not flash - ran the same test between injector ground and battery +, no flashing light I think that narrows it down to pulse, but how to fix? This is a swap and I am running my sister brought a ebII 4. What I do not have is the ground pulse to fire the injectors. Home » Nissan and Infiniti cranks no start no spark no injector pulse. Also If the computer does not see rpm signal, no fuel injector pulse. Working on a factory 2004 Isuzu asender with the 5. 8 swap in a corrado but i figured the situation applies to a standard 24v as well. That would show a flicker if the fuel injector was pulsing, correct? Besides the either "Wide open throttle" or zero injector pulse, I also have no spark at coil, so no spark to distributor or plugs. did extensive voltage test at computer. Eventually find no injector pulse. No Spark No injector pulse where to look I just swapped in a new motor and put on top a KB 2. I'm not saying that it may not work but in my situation it did not. e. I swapped the ecm relay with the ac relay and didnt do anything. I hooked up a fuel pressure gage and it is perfect. an my cooling fan runs continually hello im having trouble with my 2002 f150 has no spark or injector pulse replaced fuel pump checked all fuses and relays swapped crank sensor and cam sensor please I have seen these topics but my situation has a slight difference. Initial Testing. Control Algorithm (FuelAlpha) lets you choose between Speed Density and Alpha-N. At the L-Jetronic control module, check for battery voltage during cranking at pin number nine, grounds at pins five and 13, and an engine speed (ignition primary) signal at pin 1. What I have done: Verified voltage at coil and ICM at distributor, key ON and START, voltage good. 0l ztec no start/weak injector pulse (sometimes)/good spark/no code Hello, i have a 2000 ford focus 2. The ol thing quit running completely after about a month. 2. please l have Nissan almera 1. Vag com hooks up fine, I can energize the injectors and i register a tach signal in vagcom. I had it back for three days then this morning went to leave and i One of my msd wires grounded out on my header and shut down my car. no injector pulse or spark

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